BrandBastion COVID-19 Customer Response Package

Get help with managing your social media engagement when it's not business as usual

BrandBastion Is Equipping Brands to Serve Their Customers In Uncertain Times

The unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) presents an unusual opportunity for companies to reinforce - or destroy - customer goodwill and brand perception. Listening to what customers are saying and responding appropriately is more important than ever. Yet doing so effectively is challenging.
BrandBastion is offering a special social media response package for brands looking for help in managing unusually high volumes of comments related to the COVID-19 situation and deploying a strategic and consistent response approach across their social media channels. 

How the BrandBastion COVID-19 Customer Response Package Works


Complete a short questionnaire and fill out a template to define the responses you want issued. Get started 

BrandBastion accurately identifies comments in need of a response using AI, machine learning, and trained human quality control agents.

BrandBastion issues responses on your behalf. Each response is verified by a trained BrandBastion quality control agent prior to being posted.

What the BrandBastion COVID-19 Customer Response Package Includes

I Two (2) sets of 30 responses per set issued automatically for COVID-19-related topics (Example set 1: Customer Complaints relating to COVID-19. Example set 2: Frequently Asked Questions relating to COVID-19.) Up to 30 predetermined responses per response set will be configured.
I Responses are issued in English and/or Spanish on your behalf by BrandBastion in real-time 24/7 (within 90 minutes guaranteed) across Facebook and Instagram paid and organic properties.

I Full setup and configuration of response matrix with fast turnaround time (no set up fees).
I Weekly 1-page “pulse check” report on key metrics tracked.
I Designated BrandBastion account manager to support and help you.

I Setup time: We can have you up and running within 2-4 business days.

Pricing: $1.8k/week (cancel anytime) for up to 10,000k comments processed/week*

*Higher volumes of comments may incur a minor surcharge. Speak to a BrandBastion representative for more information.

Take care of your customers, improving response times with every first-level response to customer questions and complaints issued within 90 minutes or less.

Protect your brand equity and reputation by proactively responding to urgent customer inquiries related to COVID-19 while dealing with unusually high volumes of engagement.

Receive weekly "pulse check" status reports to understand engagement trends and levels as the ongoing situation evolves.


Steps Required to Activate COVID-19 Customer Response Package

  1. Click 'Get Started' below to answer a brief questionnaire to help us understand the situation your company is in. Your answers are confidential and will be used to help us set you up in the best way. 
  2. Download the COVID-19 Response Package template (.XLS file) at the questionnaire page. Modify the response matrix as you see fit. Upload your completed template into the questionnaire form.
  3. Submit the questionnaire and receive more information on the next steps.

Get Started


What's Next? Upon completing the above, you will receive an email from BrandBastion containing more information on the next steps to get you set up. The next steps are 1) Signing the Statement of Work and 2) Granting BrandBastion access to your social media properties.

Need Help? If you need any help along the way, you can always email us at:

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