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eCommerce Industry Solutions | BrandBastion

Top e-Commerce and Retail Companies Trust BrandBastion

We help global e-commerce and retail companies manage dynamic catalog ads at scale, provide great customer service, and increase sales and return on ad spend.

Stand out from competitors and drive sales by:

Keeping comment feeds clean

Too often, social media ads are hijacked by spam, scams, and links promoting competitors' products. We help you moderate such comments so that you can maximize your return on ad spend and aren't spending money on promoting harmful comments instead.

Responding promptly to customers

For online retail and e-commerce, replying speedily to customer inquiries about pricing, shipping, and availability is a driving factor behind customer satisfaction and purchases. Our premium response solution issues replies that sounds natural, matching the tone of the customer's comment. 

Taking timely action

If there's an issue with an ad, an extremely angry customer complaint, or a high amount of negative sentiment towards a post, it's important to take quick action before any negative sentiment increases and affects brand perception and the results of your live ads.

Ensuring complete protection 24/7

Many brands do an excellent job with engaging on their organic Pages but find it difficult to manage the comments that are spread across their ads. This challenge is multiplied when dynamic ads come into play, with thousands of variations of the same ad to keep track of.

How a premium e-commerce company improved results by using BrandBastion's solution:

website conversions
Cost per web purchase
website purchases (RoAS)


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Dynamic ads enable you to automatically reach a huge audience with personalized recommendations from catalogs with millions of products. However, because of this set up, this format can be challenging when it comes to managing comments across hundreds of ad variations.

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BrandBastion works around the clock to:

Protect from harmful content across paid and organic

Spam, scam, unauthorized selling, brand impersonation and other malicious comments can damage brand reputation and customer experience. BrandBastion hides harmful comments in real-time from all your social accounts.

Issue customer responses on your behalf

It is essential to respond promptly to all customer feedback as it increases conversions and brand loyalty. While this is challenging to manage in-house, BrandBastion provides this service 24/7, with response time up to 8 minutes, and in accordance with specific brand guidelines.

Send timely alerts when there are any issues

If there's an issue with an ad, a high amount of negative sentiment towards a post, and/or a highly urgent request made from a commenter, such as requests related to IP rights, we send you immediate alerts in real-time.

Our Products

Moderation + Alerts

AI + human social media moderation with 24/7 coverage in 43 languages

Take back your comment feeds and eliminate spam, hate speech, and competitor promotions while engaging with customers. We take actions on your behalf removing harmful content and send you alerts when there is a post issue, all in real-time, around the clock.

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Tailored insights reports customized according to your brand's needs

Understand your customers and drive results on social through in-depth topical and sentiment-based insights. Our premium AI + human solution trained on vast sets of engagement delivers highly-detailed insights into your social media engagement and specific campaigns.


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Customer Response

Responses issued on your behalf and customer inquiries centralized

Respond faster and never miss a customer inquiry or complaint again. We issue natural, human-sounding responses on your behalf and speed up your workflow by centralizing customer queries that need your attention.

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