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Get Your Social Media Advertising in Shape for the New Year

Whether you are running social media campaigns to drive monthly subscriptions or get members to your gym, social media is one of the most effective marketing channels to acquire or retain existing customers. BrandBastion analyzed over 1,600 comments across 10 Facebook and Instagram ads from 6 brands to understand what type of engagement Wellness & Fitness ads receive in their quest for new customers and how are these comments being managed. 

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Three Challenges for Online Learning Platforms Advertising on Social Media

BrandBastion looked at 1,878  comments across Facebook and Instagram ads from nine e-learning platforms to understand what type of engagement online learning platforms receive in their quest for new students and how are these comments being managed.

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2018 Holiday Shopping Season: Apparel Marketing

Comments can be utilized to identify new sales opportunities, provide better customer service, assess the impact of campaigns, prevent public relations incidents, and understand perception of products or a brand. Effective comment management can ultimately drive higher positive sentiment and conversion rates this holiday season.

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Digital Journalism: From Advertising to Subscription Revenue

The publishers that have stayed in business are those who have radically revamped their business model to generate new streams of revenue - from their readers. BrandBastion looked at more than 20 Facebook ads belonging to The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Economist, Washington Post, Time and Conde Nast to understand what type of engagement publications receive in their quest for new subscribers.

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Entertainment-cover3 Shifts for Entertainment Advertisers in the Age of Mobile

While audiences still watch 40+ hours of TV per week, the average viewer has gone from having a few channels to choose from to hundreds of channels. The report showcases live ads from recently released shows and movies, using real comment examples to illustrate these 3 key shifts faced by entertainment brands and producers.

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Top Challenges and Solutions for Delivery Apps Advertising on Social Media

Customers today expect to get what they want, with one simple click. Many brands are unable to respond promptly enough, due to insufficient resources for around-the-clock engagement management, exposing themselves to potential threats. 

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Social as a Subscriber Acquisition and Retention Channel

For the subscription industry, user acquisition and retention is crucial, and user engagement can lend insights into how a brand is faring in terms of user happiness. This report showcases key findings from over 9,500 Instagram comments across 30 subscription brands' ads.

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Key Insights for Transportation Apps Advertising on Social Media

BrandBastion looked at more than 100,000 comments received on Facebook and Instagram ads to get insights into user engagement, harmful comments and inquiries. 

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Shop Now: How Apparel Brands Can Better Woo Customers on Social Media

New exclusive study: Over 9,000 comments analyzed across 63 Instagram ads from apparel brands including Adidas, Nike, Coach, and more.

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How to Maximize the Impact of Your Ad Campaigns this Shopping Season

For retailers, e-commerce and brick-and-mortar alike, the holiday shopping season represents the busiest season of the year. Read on for tips on how to sleigh this holiday season by making your ads work harder for you through harnessing the user-generated content.

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How Ice Cream Brands Are Keeping It Cool on Social Media

BrandBastion analyzed over 5,000 comments across 9 ice cream ads from different brands including Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, Dreyers and others.

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The Thirst for Social: How Beverage Brands are Engaging with Fans 

Over 10,300 comments were analyzed across 26 alcohol ads on social media to understand what brands in this space can learn.

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What's Cooking for Fast Food Brands on Social Media

BrandBastion analyzed over 20,000 comments posted across QSR Facebook and Instagram ads from brands like Subway, Wendy's, Taco Bell and more to learn what's working for QSR brands on social.

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Color Me Social: What Top Beauty Brands Are Doing on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking app worldwide, with over 700 million daily active users. Here are the top 11 most followed beauty brands in 2017.

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We Don't Test on Animals: How a Beauty Brand Deals with Brand Attacks  

Animal Testing is one of the most controversial issues in the cosmetics industry, drawing controversy across social media feeds. Find out how one beauty brand used BrandBastion to address this challenge.

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"Welcome to the Internet": Managing Hate Speech in Gaming Media

Hate speech no longer affects a closed audience - its toxicity is spilling to the masses, causing implications for game companies’ revenue and reputation.

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Why Engagement Matters: Beauty Brand Ad Analysis

BrandBastion analyzed 3 Ipsy sponsored posts on Instagram to see what type of engagement the ads are receiving. 

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Fake Luxury: The Challenges of Combating Counterfeiting on Social Media

How counterfeiters are leveraging social media to market their fake goods - and what brands can do to fight back.

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