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Beauty and Health

We help beauty, health and wellness brands manage harmful comments, respond to recurring questions such as animal testing queries, and listen to what customers are really saying about products and collections to inform product strategy.


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Retail and E-Commerce

We help global e-commerce and retail brands manage customer engagement and provide great customer service in multiple languages on dynamic and catalog ads at scale, leading to increased sales and return on ad spend.


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We help QSR brands improve brand perception, protect themselves from brand attacks and criticism, keep customers engaged by responding promptly, and gain insights into how people are reacting to product offerings on social media.


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Entertainment and Media

We help movie studios, streaming services, artists and talents fight piracy, illegal streaming, hate speech and copyright infringement on social media, while protecting their ad spend and providing insights into how fans are reacting across campaigns.


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We help gaming brands fight IP infringement, hacks + cheats, and hate speech on social media, while boosting ad performance and ROAS, increasing positive brand sentiment, and preventing social media crisis around the clock.


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Technology and Apps

We help tech companies ranging from subscription to ride-share and delivery apps boost conversions and ROAS, achieve 100% customer response rates, increase retention, and prevent social media crisis around the clock.  


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Other Industries

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