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Open up 1-to-1 conversations with your audience, stay top of mind, and tap into the "wallet effect" where users can return to the conversation at any time.

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Why use Messenger?


1.3 billion

 people use Facebook Messenger every month.

20 million

messages are sent between businesses and people every month.


of people  prefer to shop with brands who personalize their approach, remember them and provide them with relevant offers.

Source: Facebook


Meet customers where they spend their time

BrandBastion enables advertisers to drive 1-on-1 conversations with prospects within Messenger. This is offered as a managed service, where we provide full assistance and proprietary development to set it up for you, including advice, monitoring and improvement.


Our specialities:

I Online Couponing, re-engagement and sponsored messages

I Lead Generation, re-engagement and sponsored messages

I ‘Public to Private’ flows

Supported platforms: f_logo_RGB-Black_72 + Messenger_Logo_Black_RGB


Why BrandBastion?

I 6 years of expertise in understanding and managing conversations at scale: We offer conversational automation, NLP and ML capabilities and integrations with your social media channels.


I Support for custom technical integrations and dedicated account management. 


I Trusted partner for big global advertisers: We work with global advertisers such as Netflix, MAC Cosmetics, and DealDash, covering over $1B in annual ad spend.


I Strong experience with ad tech partners: We collaborate with ad tech partners to develop ad performance solutions by combining technology and new approaches.

Client Story - Couponing and Re-Engagement

Discovery and re-engagement to drive sales and new orders

A food delivery app was looking for better ways to acquire new customers and re-engage them while keeping acquisition costs low.

Asset 88They turned to BrandBastion to build an automated Messenger bot flow offering coupons within Messenger. This bot was connected to campaigns using ads that click to Messenger to open up direct 1-to-1 conversations with their audiences.

Following the initial coupon offer, the brand was able to send targeted, timely reminders about the offer at relevant times. This increased conversions, sales, and saved costs compared to their business-as-usual ads, driving results such as: 


More First Orders with Messenger

Compared to the control campaign


More Purchases with Messenger

Compared to the control campaign


Decrease in Cost per First Order

Compared to the control campaign

Discover and Re-engage to drive sales
Client Story - Moving from Public to Private

Targeting ready-to-buy users with personalized messages

A global e-commerce company wanted to increase conversion rates on their ads. Many users were commenting and expressing interest, but not following through with a purchase.

Asset 88 Using BrandBastion’s comment classification technology, user comments demonstrating purchase intent were identified. Automated responses were sent via Messenger in real-time to these users.

By using Messenger to engage, the brand brought the conversation to where users already spend most of their time. By adding an app download link within their personalized message, this created a wallet effect allowing the user to access the link at any time.


Conversion Rate

Benchmark: 9.21% Average Conversion Rate on Facebook Ads


Click-Through Rate

Targeting ready-to-buy users with personalized messages

Drive 6X more results with our managed service solutions for Messenger


Case Studies


More website conversions through actively responding to questions and complaints.

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More first-time purchases using click-to-Messenger ads with a custom BrandBastion bot.

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Increase in positive sentiment by using Alerts to identify and modify creatives that don’t resonate with the audience.

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Decrease in mentions of a controversial topic after implementing a structured response approach.

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Lower cost per action after implementing BrandBastion to actively manage comments.

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Key stats for how social media comments impact sales.

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Real-time protection and alerts as a disruptor brand scaled globally.

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Increase in positive sentiment through removal of harmful comments and distractions from comment feeds.

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Having the ability to connect directly with customers and send relevant messages to the right people at the right time has proven to be an interesting and successful project specifically for our promo campaigns. We are excited about the initial results and the collaboration with Facebook, BrandBastion, and and look forward to exploring how else we can use Messenger!

- Emily Fielding, Paid Social Manager, Uber Eats EMEA


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