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Drive Better Performance on Social Media

Comments on your ads shape your audience’s perception. BrandBastion helps you manage ad engagement across your accounts to engage with your audience and ensure efficient ad spend the best way possible.

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Increase in Conversion and ROAS
$2 billion in ad spend covered. Integrated with leading platforms like Discover how leading advertisers like Netflix, Uber, and HelloFresh are maximizing their ad spend by using BrandBastion.
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Your audiences are viewing your ads around the clock. Maximize every dollar you’re spending on your social media ads.

Some of the results enjoyed by over 450+ accounts include:

I Better social performance: Up to 24% increase in conversions

I More time to focus on content and strategy: 80 hours saved every week for highly engaged brands + 24/7 protection guaranteed

I Happier and more engaged customers: Up to 250% increase in positive sentiment

I Protection from PR crisis: Up to 74% decrease in mentions of a controversial topic

Maximize Ad Spending on Social Media

Tap Into the Power of Automation. Go Beyond Listening. Take Action!

Whether it’s more sales or brand equity, the key to success is understanding what your audience cares about, and taking the right actions, at the right time.

Platforms supported:

BrandBastion Moderation + Alerts
BrandBastion Customer Engagement
BrandBastion Insights

Harmful comments, from spam to discrimination and brand attacks, are removed according to your custom brand moderation guidelines. Alerts are sent when something needs urgent attention, such as when negative sentiment spikes or there’s a report of an unusual event.

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Customer questions, complaints, and feedback are detected and classified, and replies are issued on your behalf. You choose what you want responded to, set up predefined response variations, and BrandBastion replies for you or routes classified comments to private channels or your designated team.

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Receive actionable insights on all your engagement to drive better results on social. Periodic reports based on sentiment and PIM™ (Positive Interaction Metric) analysis are available, as well as customizable on-demand insight reports for specific topics.

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Case studies

More website conversions through actively responding to questions and complaints.

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Lower cost per result after implementing BrandBastion to actively manage comments.

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More first-time purchases using click-to-Messenger ads with a custom BrandBastion bot.

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Explore How Advertisers Are Using BrandBastion

How A North American Disruptor Expanded Advertising to 130+ Countries with BrandBastion
To Understand How Local Markets Are Performing While Scaling Globally
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Addressing Controversy While Continuing to Promote Content on Social
To Continue Advertising Safely While Managing A PR/Social Media Crisis
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Monitoring User Sentiment Towards Ad Creative to Enhance Ad Performance
To Stay On Top of Audience Reactions When Rolling Out A New Advertising Strategy

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"BrandBastion helps us manage our paid media at scale, ensures brand safety, and keeps us more plugged into the conversation about our brand."

- Jordan Schultz, Manager, Social Media & Brand

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