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We help QSR brands stand out, win customers, and understand how people are reacting to product offerings on social media.

Advertising to customers in the QSR industry is challenging due to low switching costs and fierce competition. Stand out with a compelling brand presence on social media by:

Understanding brand perception

By analyzing the thousands of comments posted across your ads, we can assign a level of positive, negative, or neutral sentiment to each comment to generate an overall sentiment score. This helps you understand how people are reacting to your brand on social media. 

Keeping comment feeds clean

Too often, social media ads are hijacked by spam, scams, criticisms of the brand, and even calls for brand boycotts. We help you moderate such comments so that you can maximize your return on ad spend and aren't spending money on promoting harmful comments instead.

Tracking key topics of conversation

Are people raving about your latest menu offerings or clamoring for you to bring a limited-time offer back? Are they complaining about the service or the hygiene levels of your restaurant? We provide actionable insights at a topical level that you can use to improve your product and service offerings and make more informed decisions.

Driving conversations with customers

We help you engage with customers in a positive manner by Liking and thanking customers for positive feedback, and by responding constructively when complaints are posted. Our premium response solution issues up to 30 different replies per situation that are natural and human-sounding, matching the tone of the original comment. 

Trends from a study of 20,000 comments on QSR ads:

negative comments out of total
Positive comments out of total
Negative comments related to products


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BrandBastion works around the clock to:

Protect from harmful content

Spam, scam, unauthorized selling, brand impersonation and other malicious comments can damage brand reputation and customer experience. BrandBastion hides harmful comments in real-time from all your social accounts.

Deliver tailored insight reports

Discussions across your social media campaigns and accounts offer invaluable insights into brand perception, campaign performance and can result in new product development. BrandBastion provides detailed reports on topics discussed as well as sentiment analysis on specific campaigns.

Issue customer responses on your behalf

It is essential to respond promptly to all customer feedback as it increases conversions and brand loyalty. While this is challenging to manage in-house, BrandBastion provides this service 24/7, with response time up to 8 minutes, and in accordance with specific brand guidelines.

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