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We help tech companies ranging from subscription to ride-share and delivery apps boost conversions and ROAS, achieve 100% customer response rates, increase retention, and prevent social media crisis around the clock

The nature of social media presents tech brands with challenges:

Hijacking of social media ads

Many malicious players ride on the high reach that ads have, spreading spam, scam, competitor promotions, or brand attacks in the comments that appear right below an ad. These comments are visible to everyone the ad is served to, impacting performance and brand perception.

Undetected customer inquiries 

Brands usually have highly attentive teams responding to users on organic but often struggle to detect what is happening on the numerous ad variations running concurrently, especially when dynamic ads are used and ads and being run from multiple accounts across regions.

Optimization of ads without contextual understanding of user sentiment

Tech brands focus on activations and user acquisitions, relying on engagement metrics like likes and clicks to determine which ads to channel budget towards. But such engagement can be negative engagement. Without understanding what it said in the comments, context can be lacking and ads may not be as optimized as possible.

Difficulty in managing global engagement in multiple languages

Tech brands tend to have global audiences, and managing engagement across different languages can prove to be extremely difficult to do accurately and efficiently. Brands that do well in their home markets often have difficulty scaling up their advertising in new markets due to the challenges presented by different languages.

How brands have improved performance on social media by using BrandBastion's solution:

website conversions
Positive brand sentiment
Return on ad spend

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BrandBastion works around the clock in 43 languages to:

Protect from harmful content across paid and organic

We help you moderate spam, scam, and competitor promotion from comments received so that you can maximize your return on ad spend and aren't spending money on promoting harmful comments instead.

Respond promptly to users on your behalf

Replying speedily to customer inquiries about pricing and product / service offerings is a driving factor behind user satisfaction and retention. Our premium response solution issues replies within minutes, 24/7, that sound natural and match the tone of the user comment.

Prevent crisis and protect ad spend

If there's a threat of crisis happening on any of your ads, such as a high amount of negative reactions from users, we send instant alerts so action can be taken before it escalates and your budget isn't spent on the wrong ads.


Social as a Subscriber Acquisition and Retention Channel

To provide insights into how subscription brands are faring in terms of user engagement on social media, BrandBastion analyzed over 9,500 Instagram comments across 30 subscription brands' ads. In this report, you'll learn about:

  • Why customer engagement on social matters for subscription brands
  • Key findings by segment
  • Insights on user sentiment, customer inquiries and harmful comments

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