The Ad Bastion

For Social Media Advertisers


The effectiveness of $30B+ annual social media ad spend is directly impacted by spam, fraud, competitor promotions, and unanswered questions.

Common Problems

Monitoring ads 24/7 is extremely time consuming and costly for companies to do in-house

Malicious players taking a free ride on advertising reach are issuing comments with brand attacks and competitor promotions

Lack of insight into what is being said across ads and audience reactions

Issues with links not working in ads, grammar mistakes or other similar matters

People reacting badly to ads due to real world events or issues with targeting

Ads receiving comments in multiple languages around the clock with high volumes

The Solution

If you’re running  Facebook ads and you want to get the most out of your advertising, you need the Ad Bastion. The Ad Bastion ensures that your ads aren’t hijacked by competitor promotions, piracy, brand attacks or brand impersonation, and that your prospects receive immediate answers to their questions thus increasing conversions, positive user sentiment and the lifetime value of existing clients.

The Ad Bastion also includes an important safeguard ensuring that you’re alerted if people, for example, become offended by your ads, if a link isn’t working, if there’s a grammar mistake or if you’ve by mistake targeted an audience with the wrong language. This enables you to react before valuable ad spend is wasted. The Ad Bastion also gives you unique insight on the discussions taking place across your ads and the reactions and feedback that you’re receiving.

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Services Provided

Brand Protection

To ensure your ads are kept clean from malicious content

The Safeguard

To ensure your ads aren’t hurting your brand and that you can quickly react to matters requiring your attention

Response Solution

To ensure that you convert every prospect and that your existing customers receive great support

Ads Engagement Insights

To give you unique, valuable insights on conversations, reactions and feedback being given on your ads

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