The IP Bastion

For Legal Teams & Intellectual Property Managers

Your brand image matters — protect your brand’s IP rights on social.

Common Problems

IP infringements taking place on social media

Unauthorized selling of goods

Inside information leaking on social media

Employee or contractor misconduct

The Solution

Intellectual property right infringements are increasing exponentially on social media. Pirates and counterfeit sellers are hijacking brand properties and putting up accounts with the sole purpose of benefiting financially from copyright and trademark infringements.

The IP Bastion enables companies to take control of their intellectual property rights on social media.

BrandBastion’s technology will protect your own assets from malicious players conducting counterfeit selling or spreading piracy, hijacking your own properties to reach the widest audience possible. It will also search social media at large flagging infringing accounts to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for takedown on your behalf.

Services Provided

Brand Protection

To protect your own social media assets

Broad IP Protection

To protect your brand on social media

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