The Social Bastion

For Social Media Managers

Social media never sleeps — but you do; ensure your brand’s social media properties are monitored round the clock.

Common Problems

Coverage 24/7 and during holidays

High volumes of content in multiple languages

Spotting and handling crises

Inconsistency in content management

Lack of understanding audience & community

Publishing mistakes

The Solution

Prospects, existing customers, partners, shareholders, employees, prospective employees, the media and authorities are visiting brands’ social media properties to gain an understanding of a brand, their values and way of operating. Often times, a brand’s Facebook page is visited more frequently than their website.

The type of content that you allow on your owned social media properties gives insight into your way of operating as a company.

The Social Bastion runs in the background processing every piece of content you receive on your social properties 24/7,  removing threats and harmful content, responding to customer inquiries, escalating matters that requires your immediate attention and giving you detailed monthly engagement reports. This enables you to increase your positive user sentiment by up to 800%, increase customer loyalty and show prospects that you take customer service seriously.

Services Provided

Brand Protection

To ensure that your social properties are kept safe from malicious content and in line with industry regulations

The Safeguard

To ensure that you’re able to quickly react to matters requiring your attention

Customer Service

To take excellent care of your customers

Engagement Reports

To give valuable insights on what’s being discussed across your properties

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