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V Shred

Uses BrandBastion to
Enhance Community Safety
and Engagement

450+ Hours saved monthly in moderating and responding
13,000+ Comments managed on a monthly average
3,000+ Replies issued through the platform on a monthly average

About the brand

V Shred is an online fitness and nutrition platform that provides customized workout routines, meal plans, and guidance to help individuals achieve their fitness goals effectively and efficiently.

V Shred is a true inspiration in the fitness industry. They cultivated a strong and massive social media community, and nurtured it into an unrivaled force of positivity and encouragement.



The challenges

  • Managing High Volumes of Conversations
    V Shred has the challenging task of managing thousands of comments every month, averaging close to 13,000 interactions.
  • Moderating Harmful Comments
    V Shred was dealing with the risk of receiving potentially reputation-damaging comments and misinformation, threatening the positive and safe space V Shred aims to maintain.
  • Streamlining Community Engagement
    V Shred was struggling to efficiently reply to comments and track conversations on social media, as well as monitor agent activity and workflows.

Protecting V Shred's community

V Shred aims to foster a secure and supportive environment where individuals can pursue their fitness aspirations without being discouraged by hateful comments:

  • BrandBastion monitors all comments in real time to remove harmful content, including bullying, discrimination, scams, hate speech, and violent remarks.
  • BrandBastion also sends alerts to the team when immediate attention is required.


"Our community is like a family to many of our members, a place where they can come together, they can connect, they can motivate, and they can also stay accountable to each other. And it's grown into such a vibrant place for  encouragement, positivity, and genuine connections. And through our partnership with BrandBastion, we're able to protect this amazing community and make our social media experience and community interactions better for everyone involved."

DeeDee LawrenceDirector, Customer Experience

Enhancing engagement with their community

V Shred actively engages with its audience through BrandBastion's streamlined platform, ensuring that every interaction contributes to a vibrant and supportive community environment:

  • V Shred utilizes BrandBastion's smart social inbox to swiftly respond to comments and track all conversations.
vshred1engage (1)


"BrandBastion is amazing for scooping out all of the stuff that we don't want to deal with, so to speak. And with that, you're able to tell your agents that you're only dealing with either neutral or positive content, and it's so much easier to engage with these, to give it a heart emoji, congratulate someone on their weight loss, tell them, you know what, they're struggling, you can get back on the wagon.  The most important part is that you're giving back the engagement you want to receive."

DeeDee LawrenceDirector, Customer Experience

Using analytics to understand V Shred's community

V Shred leverages BrandBastion's analytics to understand its community better, allowing for informed decisions that enhance engagement and foster long-term relationships with their audience.

  • Leveraging BrandBastion's reporting and sentiment analysis tools, V Shred gains valuable insights into their community's sentiment and engagement patterns.
  • Real-time data-driven decisions empower V Shred to align their strategies with their growth and retention goals, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for their audience.
vshred4-insights-(1) (1)


"If you are running a social media support team, where there are metrics and KPIs,  where you need to be holding your agents accountable for the work that they're doing, BrandBastion's reporting offers that in an up-to-date real-time board. So the fact that we can search real-time, find out who's doing what, making sure no one's stepping over anybody (...) is something that's very well managed through the BrandBastion platform."

DeeDee LawrenceDirector, Customer Experience

Nurturing an engaged fitness community -
a success story from V Shred

V Shred's commitment to building a strong, safe, and supportive fitness community has yielded remarkable results:

  • A safe and positive community: BrandBastion's capability to remove harmful content within eight minutes of posting has proven crucial in maintaining a positive online environment. The average of 13,000 comments received per month reflects the high levels of engagement and activity within V Shred's community. 
  • Enhanced engagement workflows: With BrandBastion's support, V Shred has streamlined moderation and response processes, resulting in a significant saving of over 450 hours monthly. This optimization allows V Shred's team to allocate resources more effectively, focusing on fostering meaningful interactions with their community.
vshred4 (1)
450+ Hours saved monthly in moderating and responding*
13,000+ Comments managed on a monthly average
3,000+ Replies issued through the platform on a monthly average

*Hours saved were calculated in comparison to V Shred's internal benchmarks for manual moderation on social platforms, where each person typically handles 40 comments per hour and takes around 3.3 minutes to respond to each comment. Additionally, we assumed a conservative 70% assistance rate from BrandBastion's smart inbox features, such as using AI replies or saved replies.


"Before BrandBastion, tracking conversations on social media and agent activity, agent work, and things like that was a huge challenge. BrandBastion has been a game-changer for us. We've actually saved over 450 hours monthly in moderation and in responding efforts. And on average, we manage about 13,000 comments a month through BrandBastion. Your strategies in managing the comments and the feedback have massively improved our community efforts. And again, it leads to a more positive and engaging community environment."

DeeDee LawrenceDirector, Customer Experience

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