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BrandBastion Engages

Engage with your
community at scale

Our 24/7 community management services ensure your brand stays connected with your audience.
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Foster customer loyalty and boost conversions

We reply to fan comments, purchase inquiries, and FAQs while staying true to the authentic voice of your brand. This approach will not only help you boost conversions but also foster trust and loyalty among your audience.



"BrandBastion solutions help us cater to our customers’ questions and enable personalized conversations. BrandBastion is helping us build a safe and engaged community on social media."
Amy MunkhbaatarCommunity Manager (Marketing)

Improve customer experience and support

Timely and transparent responses to complaints are essential for building trust and protecting your image. Our team is available around the clock to address customer concerns and feedback on your behalf.
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"With over 1 million followers across Purdue University’s official social media platforms, we want to make sure our followers feel a sense of community, belonging, and pride. Being able to respond to comments with Purdue’s brand voice and in a timely manner helps instill this, and BrandBastion is a vital component to making sure this happens."

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Ashlee ShroyerSocial Media Manager
The process

How does it work?


1. Crawling

1. Crawling

BrandBastion crawls comments, private messages and mentions from all social media platforms.


2. Classifying

2. Classifying

BrandBastion classifies it in real-time, adding Category Tags, Sentiment Analysis, and Translation (AI + Human) to find conversations that need a reply from the brand


3. Replying

3. Replying

After finding which conversations need a reply, BrandBastion replies on the brand's behalf or sends that message for your brand to review and reply.  

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4. Monitoring

4. Monitoring

All conversations are always available on the BrandBastion platform. You can view sentiment insights, tags, and all replies issued by BrandBastion.

Unmatched coverage for community management

We're also able to provide coverage to other platforms, including those that lack APIs, through custom projects.

facebook-Nov-09-2023-03-10-18-9996-PM Facebook

Comments (organic, ads, dynamic), wall posts, private messages, mentions

instagram-Nov-09-2023-03-19-10-1532-PM Instagram

Comments (organic, ads), direct messages, mentions, replies to stories

X-2 X (formerly Twitter)

Comments (organic, ads), quotes and mentions

tiktok-Nov-09-2023-03-19-10-1155-PM TikTok

Comments (organic, ads)

youtube-Nov-09-2023-03-19-10-1591-PM YouTube

Comments (organic, ads)

174857 (1) LinkedIn

Comments (organic, ads)


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