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Builds a Safe Online Community with BrandBastion

Real-time moderation and 24/7 brand responses

+1,426% Harmful comments hidden
+23% Brand responses issued
+77% Total comments received

*Comparing 3 months before BrandBastion to 3 months after fully implementing BrandBastion solutions [09/21/22 - 12/20/2022 with 01/16/23 - 04/16/2023]. 
Data across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter).


Mental healthcare companies need to ensure user safety on social media


Mental health platforms encounter a twofold task on social media: safeguarding individuals' health information while fostering a secure space for discussing sensitive topics.

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of users is paramount, and brands in the healthcare space must implement measures to adhere to HIPAA - the U.S. health privacy law. At the same time, ensuring safety means that individuals can engage in discussions without the risk of encountering harmful content or misinformation, ultimately promoting a positive and supportive online community.

By prioritizing user safety on social media, healthcare companies can demonstrate their commitment to their users' well-being and maintain their credibility as trusted sources of mental health support and information sources.


About Talkiatry

Talkiatry is a pioneering mental health platform dedicated to providing accessible and high-quality mental healthcare to individuals in the US. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to psychiatry and therapy, Talkiatry has emerged as a beacon of hope in the digital age.

Talkiatry's commitment to creating a safe space on social media for open conversations perfectly mirrors its core mission of improving mental well-being and dismantling the stigma associated with mental health issues in our society.


Managing sensitive conversations in real-time

Talkiatry has a solid content strategy and shares valuable insights, resources, and support across their Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and X accounts.

However, the brand needed a way to manage comments at scale 24/7 across their organic content and ads. By proactively monitoring and moderating conversations, Talkiatry prevents hate speech and bullying comments, protects individuals' health information, and safeguards its brand reputation. Simultaneously, engaging with users professionally and empathetically helps to reframe the conversation around mental health and builds user trust.

BrandBastion services have been instrumental for our operations. Previously, we were constantly navigating the challenges of comment management. Thanks to BrandBastion, we've efficiently refined our strategy, allowing our team to redirect their efforts toward more pressing priorities, as BrandBastion handles the remaining tasks.”

- Valerie Bar, Integrated Marketing and Social Media Director


Prioritizing user & brand safety

Talkiatry took action to create a safe and supportive environment for its community, while protecting their reputation as reliable providers of mental health.

BrandBastion monitors all comments in real-time with 24/7 coverage, in 109 languages, to hide harmful comments:

  • towards the brand, such as unreasonable brand attacks and comments against the person featured in the posts or ads;
  • that could harm their community, such as personal identifiable information (PII), spam, scam, violent or inappropriate comments.

Navigating risk with custom alerts

  • BrandBastion sends real-time alerts for urgent situations requiring Talkiatry’s social media team attention, such as a broken link in one of their ads, a high amount of negative sentiment, or severe events that could threaten their community’s and brand’s safety.

Story highlight  | Supporting mental health across all touchpoints
These alerts for self-harm comments are invaluable for Talkiatry, ensuring swift attention to these critical situations. Talkiatry can then manage comments promptly, protecting vulnerable individuals and ensuring that self-harm discussions are not endorsed.



BrandBastion ensures the safety of our online community. They efficiently manage comments, deliver timely responses, and offer early warnings regarding potential issues, allowing us to stay informed and address concerns proactively."

Valerie BarIntegrated Marketing and Social Media Director

Fostering a supportive and engaged community

Talkiatry strives to create an open environment for discussions surrounding mental health. This entails striking the right balance between engaging users and maintaining a professional tone.

BrandBastion responds on Talkiatry’s behalf, using their brand voice, to comments:

  • such as Customer Complaints - acknowledging complaints and critiques publicly helps boost brand trust;
  • that help build a loyal community and increase customer retention, such as Fan Community comments;
  • that can help increase conversions and boost performance, like FAQ comments.

Using social media intelligence to inform marketing decisions

Talkiatry has full visibility into all actions taken by BrandBastion and can explore all comments in one place with data-driven insights:

  • BrandBastion platform allows the team to monitor social media conversations in real-time and inform the marketing strategy.
  • The social intelligence insights enable Talkiatry to assess brand health and analyze sentiment across the board to assess content resonance.
  • The team can also review and reply to comments outside the scope of our response guidelines using a unified inbox.


BrandBastion's platform gives us the inside scoop on our social media conversations, with full visibility and control. Beyond invaluable insights, it allows our team to take swift, strategic actions when necessary."

Ruben HospinalDigital Media Specialist
+1,426% Harmful comments hidden
+23% Brand responses issued
+77% Total comments received

*Comparing 3 months before BrandBastion to 3 months after fully implementing BrandBastion solutions [09/21/22 - 12/20/2022 with 01/16/23 - 04/16/2023]. 
Data across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter).

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