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Empower your brand with AI classification

Discover our advanced AI technology designed for brands, backed by a decade of expertise in understanding social media conversations.

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AI-Powered Social Media Content Classification

How do we achieve consistency & accuracy?

Processor-min Proprietary AI technology Advanced proprietary tech, backed by ten years of comment data classification expertise.  
chats Extensive data training Trained with millions of real social media conversations from brand posts to recognize relevant concepts.  
refine Human insight Our human team refines the classification and helps the models to learn and improve.  
Check-1 AI reliability Reliance on multiple AI approaches, with heavily guard-rails on generative AI.  
Fully managed: AI + human categorization

Tagging social media conversations with AI - how does it work?

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    1. AI-powered classification: 100+ tags

    Every single conversation undergoes thorough analysis as the AI classifies content with over 100+ tags, automatically adding relevant ones.

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    2. Enhancing precision with human insight

    Human specialists step in when the AI is uncertain if a tag should be added, ensuring an accurate understanding of context, including sarcasm or unconventional expressions.
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    3. Consistent and precise actions

    These meticulously tagged conversations enable us to take consistent actions. For example, we can quickly hide all comments tagged as spam or prioritize responses to comments tagged with purchase intent.

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    4. Trend analysis for strategic insights

    Leveraging tags, brands can analyze trends and fluctuations, empowering proactive decision-making and continuous improvement in marketing strategies.

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