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Power up your brand with insights

Unlock the power of social media intelligence in your strategy. Seamlessly integrate sentiment analysis, conversation tags, and diverse insights into your strategic decision-making.


Unleash precision with customized reports

Our custom reports provide in-depth analyses, addressing your unique needs. From sentiment breakdowns to competitor benchmarks, these reports serve as your compass in the evolving social media space.

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"Understanding sentiment is important to get a sense of what our audience is saying and how they are reacting to our posts. This has been helpful when providing analytics and adjusting strategy as needed for upcoming posts."

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Ashlee ShroyerSocial Media Manager

Types of custom reports we create

Influencer Marketing Reports Evaluate influencer collaborations by assessing sentiment analysis across their posts and related keywords.  
Competitor(s) Insights Reports Analyze competitors' comments for insights on sentiment, discussions, and engagement to optimize your strategy.  
Topical Analysis Reports Identify key trends, brand associations, customer experiences, and popular content topics for actionable insights.  
Brand Health Reports Get reports on brand and industry risks, trends, and opportunities, including world news, blog tracking, and social listening insights.  
Campaign Performance Reports Analyze brand sentiment and comment tags to understand your campaign's success and key discussion points.  
Creative Resonance Reports Pinpoint which creatives resonate best with your audience, aiding in optimizing your advertising or organic strategy.  


"BrandBastion communicates clearly and regularly with valuable insights into what our customers are saying,  keeps the spam and hateful comments at bay, and provides quality customer engagement.”

Jessica HonbargerSenior Marketing Analyst

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