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Typology Paris

Elevates Social Care While Reclaiming Valuable Time

BrandBastion Essential: AI-powered social inbox and moderation

149 h Saved every month in moderating, analyzing and engaging
+25% More brand responses issued*
+64% Increase in the share of positive conversations*

*Comparing the first month of implementing BrandBastion solutions to the sixth month [May 2023 to October 2023].
Data includes Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for ads and organic assets. Sentiment analysis is not available for TikTok.


Managing a high volume of multilingual social media interactions

Typology's social media strategy generates +6,500 monthly conversations, challenging community management. Yet, prioritizing customer engagement and satisfaction is non-negotiable for this direct-to-consumer brand. To manage the surge of messages, the social media and customer experience teams sought a tool that could:

  • Consolidate all social conversations (ad comments, brand mentions, private messages) from Facebook, Instagram and TikTok in one place.
  • Streamline moderation of harmful comments.
  • Overcome language barriers in comment monitoring.
  • Uncover insights for marketing and product development.

Typology is more responsive than ever

Typology, dedicated to superior customer experiences, optimizes efficiency with BrandBastion's AI-powered unified social inbox, enabling the team to:

  • Save time by leveraging AI Intent recognition and sentiment analysis to quickly identify conversations requiring a response.
  • Accelerate the engagement process with team member assignment functionalities, enabling Typology to consistently maintain a social inbox.
  • Boost overall efficiency with saved replies and the ability to generate AI-powered replies with just one click.

Typology drives more positive sentiment

Typology’s team utilizes sentiment analysis and the platform’s reporting features to:

  • Analyze content resonance, shaping a data-backed social strategy and contributing to more positive conversations.
  • Monitor agent engagement metrics, tracking issued replies and average response time by user.
  • Identify recurring topics and share valuable customer feedback with other departments, particularly in product development.
  • Uncover audience insights, such as the most active users and the top languages for Typology's engagement priorities.

Typology fosters an open and positive space for meaningful conversations

Typology cherishes its community and influencers, and strives to create a positive environment by protecting them from offensive remarks. The brand uses our AI-powered platform to seamlessly:

  • Automate the hiding of offensive and inappropriate comments, reinforcing their commitment to fostering an open and constructive brand environment.
  • Implement notifications to stay informed about urgent issues, such as link problems, ensuring a swift and positive resolution.


BrandBastion has become a core asset for Typology. It helped us improve customer service and engagement, enhancing the delivery of the most accurate and swift customer experiences. The AI functionalities helped scale our operations internationally and contributed to a noteworthy growth in positive sentiment."

Ana WebanckHead of International & Special Operations at Typology

Elevating customer engagement & brand sentiment

Upon integrating the BrandBastion platform into their daily operations, the Typology team not only saved many hours in moderating, analyzing, and engaging with messages but also enhanced the quality and relevance of their customer interactions. They were able to:

icon_1 Reclaim valuable time: Typology is saving 149 hours per month, by leveraging BrandBastion’s platform to consolidate all conversations in one place with AI assistance.

icon_2 Boost responsiveness: in just 6 months, Typology issued 25% more responses, showcasing a proactive approach to customer engagement and social media care.

icon_3 Foster a more positive community: positive conversations surged by an impressive +64%, signaling Typology's impact on nurturing a thriving community. Typology's Net Sentiment Score also improved significantly by 68%, reaching an impressive 82% score  after just 6 months, indicating an overall positive shift in customer perception.

Typology reclaimed valuable time to focus on CX and social strategy

149 Hours saved per month

64 Hours saved moderating

64 Hours saved moderating comments through AI-powered auto-hide (compared to doing this manually)

27 Hours saved replying

27 Hours saved replying using saved replies & AI generator 
(compared to doing this manually)

58 Hours saved assigning sentiment

58 Hours saved assigning sentiment to conversations
(compared to doing this manually)

Comparing the first month of implementing BrandBastion solutions to the sixth month [May 2023 to October 2023]. Data includes Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for ads and organic assets. Sentiment analysis is not available for TikTok. We calculated potential hours saved with BrandBastion by estimating that each human moderates 60 comments per hour, spends 5 minutes per reply, and assigns sentiment to 90 messages if these tasks are done manually on each social platform. Additionally, we assumed a conservative 70% assistance rate from BrandBastion's AI features, such as auto-hide and AI replies/saved replies.

Typology is more responsive

+25% Increase in brand responses

Typology’s community is more engaged

+87% Increase in messages that need a response

Typology’s community is more positive

+64% Increase in positive sentiment

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