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How Global Brands Use Comment Moderation To Mitigate Brand Safety And Suitability Threats



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A Call for Brand Suitability Solutions in the Social Media Landscape

Brand safety refers to the measures taken to protect a brand from universal threats to its image, reputation, and return on investment. Brand suitability refers to protection against specific threats to a brand based on its identity, parameters, and values. Brand suitability goes far beyond adjacency to include what conversations your  brand deems suitable and safe to run on your  assets.  

It’s crucial that your brand monitors conversations in its social media landscape. However, 24/7 social media management is nearly impossible to do manually at scale across ads and organic.

Comments That Threaten Brand Safety

Examples: Discrimination, Disturbing/Violent, Extreme Profanity, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Spam.

Comments That Threaten Brand Suitability

Examples: Brand Attack/Critique, Competitor Promotions, Brand Impersonation, Unauthorised Selling.

Comments That Indicate Unsuitable Creative

Examples: Peaks in negative sentiment due to creative not resonating and/or tone-deaf messaging.


Keeping brands safe on social at scale

  • Finding a trusted partner to help manage comments at scale and around the clock.
  • Maintaining the same quality and performance standards across ads. It is especially difficult for brands to measure sentiment or know whether or not content is resonating.
  • Moderating harmful comments to keep brands safe from spam, scams and hate speech.
  • Taking action on urgent issues that can damage a brand’s image, reputation, and return on investment, such as broken links or spikes in negative sentiment.

BrandBastion's Moderation + Alerts

BrandBastion Safety Solution processes every comment our clients receives, hiding unwanted and harmful comments across social media posts (organic, paid and Facebook Dynamic Ads).

BrandBastion moderates universally harmful content such as spam, but we also go the extra mile to monitor content that is particularly sensitive to your brand such as competitor mentions, or brand attacks. We take action based on specific brand's needs and parameters.
Inappropriate or high-risk content is highly dependent on your brand’s identity, which is why we customize your moderation guidelines according to your brand’s brand safety and brand suitability concerns. You decide what you want hidden  (e.g., brand critiques, competitor mentions, among other categories).
Our solutions use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to prioritize and classify comments in need of moderation or response at lightning speed. Working alongside the tech is a team of highly trained human analysts to ensure 24/7 accuracy.
"BrandBastion helps us manage our paid media at scale, ensures brand safety, and keeps us more plugged into the conversation about our brand."
Jordan SchultzSocial Media & Brand Manager, HelloFresh
"BrandBastion has really helped us with the volume of ad comments associated with getting our ad campaigns to scale. BrandBastion communicates clearly and regularly with valuable insights into what our customers are saying and how their comments are being addressed, keeps the spam and hateful comments at bay, and provides quality customer engagement."
Jessica HonbargerMarketing Analyst, BetterHelp
"We did a benchmark study and found the alternatives to be several times more expensive while providing only a fraction of the features and quality that BrandBastion does. We’ve been very satisfied with BrandBastion’s moderation services."
Satu HarkonenHead of Customer Support, DealDash

Client Case Studies


How Joom runs dynamic ads at scale whilst keeping control

Joom needed a trusted partner to moderate harmful comments to keep its community safe while prioritizing urgent issues.

BrandBastion's Safety solution protects Joom from brand safety threats by hiding harmful content such as spam and hate speech across organic and ads. The alerts let Joom know if there is an issue with an ad, a high amount of negative sentiment, or a highly urgent request left by a commenter.


How TechCrunch Enabled Real Conversations

TechCrunch’s social media posts were getting hit with hate speech, spam, and trolls, making the comments section an unsettling place for quality discussion.

BrandBastion's Moderation + Alerts ensure brand safety and suitability in the comment sections,  allowing readers to have real conversations about the topics at hand.


How a Global Makeup Brand Deals With Animal Testing Comments

Being safe on social is about finding the right environment for your brand, and that includes the conversations next to the ad.  A makeup brand that does not test on animals, yet they were receiving controversial comments that said otherwise. The brand decided to take urgent action using BrandBastion’s solutions. 


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