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How Joom Runs Dynamic Ads at Scale Whilst Keeping Control
+34% Conversions
+31% ROAS
12,541 Ads Protected
comparing 3 months before and 3 months after implementing BrandBastion's solutions 
*Posts Linked to Dynamic Ads Protected (monthly average)

Moderating Comments on Dynamic Ads: a Challenge

Dynamic ads allow advertisers to promote catalogs with thousands of items to the right audience while staying relevant. 

For advertisers, dynamic ads present many opportunities to automate the process and drive more conversions, all with small-sized performance teams. However, keeping control of comments on thousands of Dynamic Ads is a challenge for brands.



  • Maintaining the same quality and performance standards across ads
  • Moderating harmful comments to keep Joom’s community safe from spam, scam, and hate speech
  • Taking action on urgent issues
  • Finding a trusted partner to help them manage comments and conversations on their ads at scale around the clock
BrandBastion Safety


  • 16,000+ comments managed per month (on average)
  • Hides harmful content such as spam and hate speech
  • Alerts Joom if there's an issue with an ad, a high amount of negative sentiment and/or a highly urgent request made from a commenter (Example: Requests related to IP rights)
  • Tracks and presents customer inquiries in need of attention for the customer service team to address efficiently
  • Provides insights on a monthly basis on engagement received, topics  discussed, sentiment and actions taken
BrandBastion helps us to see the full picture of what is going on in the comments. This is read by our PR Director, CMO, and the whole growth team so we can see how we can address our customers’ worries in the comments.
Anton GusevGrowth and Monetization Manager, Joom
More conversions and higher ROAS


Since partnering with BrandBastion, Joom’s social media teams have been able to focus on running ads at scale. The conversions increased by +34% and the ROAS by +31%, after implementing the BrandBastion Safety solution.
They have peace of mind knowing that:

  • Their ads won't spread malware or harmful comments.
  • Every customer inquiry is dealt with.
  • They are in control if something unexpected happens or if there's an issue.
  • They can optimize their ads with the insight provided.

We can help you too.

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