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leading e-commerce platform runs dynamics ads at scale whilst keeping control

How a Leading E-Commerce Platform Runs Dynamic Ads at Scale Whilst Keeping Control


More and more companies are beginning to use dynamic ads, as they can promote catalogs with thousands of items to the right audience while staying relevant. Brands are now able to automate the process and drive more conversions, all with small-sized performance teams


More than 139,700 dynamic ad post creatives running in parallel

The Brand

Joom is one of the fastest growing international eCommerce platforms in the world. The app serves as a unified place for wholesalers to list discounted goods while buyers are offered recommendations based on their preferences and previous purchases. At any given time, Joom runs hundreds of thousands of dynamic ad post creatives in parallel.


The Challenges

Maintaining the same quality and performance standards while running tens of thousands of dynamic ad creatives in the current social media context is challenging. Joom wanted a trusted partner who could help them manage comments and conversations on their ads at scale around the clock.

The Solution

By using a proprietary solution powered by machine learning and AI which analyzes incoming comments in real-time 24/7, BrandBastion:

  • HIDES harmful content such as spam and hate speech
  • ALERTS Joom if there's an issue with an ad, a high amount of negative sentiment and/or a highly urgent request made from a commenter (Example: Requests related to IP rights)
  • TRACKS and presents customer inquiries in need of attention for the customer service team to address efficiently
  • PROVIDES INSIGHTS on a monthly basis on engagement received, topics discussed, sentiment and actions taken

The Results

Since partnering with BrandBastion, Joom’s social media teams have been able to focus on running ads at scale, knowing that the ads won't spread malware or harmful comments, that every customer inquiry is dealt with, that they are in control if something unexpected happens or if there's an issue, and that they can optimize their ads with the insight provided.

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