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If making a difference and growing your career are top priorities for you, BrandBastion is the place to be. We deal with all aspects of social media, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are passionate about our work because it not only allows brands to maximize their ad spend and drive better performance on social media - it also makes the Internet a safer and more positive place for everyone using it.

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Why BrandBastion?

Do work that matters

In an age where fake news, counterfeiting, hate speech, trolls, and violations of privacy and trust run rampant across the Internet, the work we do is more pressing than ever. We protect brands and help them drive better engagement on social media, while creating a safer and more pleasant environment for users.

Accelerate your growth

Want to see your ideas comes to life and take on new challenges? BrandBastion is the place to be! We hire for ability and fit, and encourage ongoing learning on the job. Moving quickly from an entry position to take on bigger roles in not unusual at BrandBastion - it’s part of our growth-focused culture.

Be part of a global team

BrandBastion hires the best people, wherever in the world we find them, giving them opportunities to grow into new roles, without requiring them to relocate. We have remote team members representing 15 nationalities across four continents, and we are always on the lookout for potential BrandBastioneers who will be a good fit.

Receive competitive compensation

Our compensation is highly competitive for the markets we hire in. In addition to paying competitive market rates, we offer generous vacation plans and also offer shares to top performers and key team members. We believe in investing in our people, and team members will have opportunities to attend conferences and participate in training relevant to their roles. 

“At BrandBastion we are always looking for the best talent around the globe. When we recruit we focus on finding the right personalities, who can complement our team and grow within the company. Our team is built on versatile and curious individuals who are eager to find new solutions. What we offer is a space for team members to create something new.”


Andrea Wickström
HR & Admin Manager

“As a developer, I enjoy working in a team that is agile and able to respond quickly to changes. It’s great to be part of a company that is pioneering new technological solutions to help large brands engage with their customers.”


Lucian-Mihai Lungu
Tech Lead

“The best part about working at BrandBastion is the true global atmosphere both when it comes to our clients and the team. Working with people who inspire you everyday is one of the best parts of being a BrandBastioneer. In addition, social media is always evolving and it’s inspiring to be on the frontline witnessing the innovations as they occur.”

Maria Moilanen
Customer Success Lead

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