Increase in positive sentiment


Decrease innegative sentiment


Decrease inspam and scam


Decrease in animal testing comments

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  • Missed opportunities that can significantly increase your social media ROI;
  • Topics discussed in comments across your social media accounts and ad campaigns;
  • Brand sentiment analysis;
  • Risk analysis (spam, scam, competitor promotions).

Note: BrandBastion is an enterprise level solution, designed for social media accounts with high volumes of comments and/or active advertisers. In order for your analysis data to be relevant, you need to be receiving a minimum of 12,000 comments annually or at least 1,000 comments/month.

Beauty is the third most engaged industry on Instagram.
With great opportunities come great challenges.

Common Problems

Malicious Players

Scam and unauthorized selling of products pose a security risk to customers and fans and impact negatively on brand reputation.

Animal Testing

Many beauty brands receive comments including false statements about animal testing. It’s important to respond to these comments, as people make purchase decisions based on your responses and the information provided.

Lost Opportunities

Unresponded customer support inquiries may lead to lost customers, whilst positive comments left unattended are a missed opportunity to increase brand loyalty.

Understanding Audiences

It’s important to understand your audiences and to gather valuable feedback from social media. However, cutting through the noise to gather insights is a tedious and time consuming process.

Slow Risk

Brands may face many unforeseen situations on social media. Reacting fast to harmful content or topics picking up speed is essential to avoid PR crisis.

Hate Speech And Discrimination

Few beauty brands are spared from racist comments and hate speech. Removing these comments is important to protect your fans and to show your values across your accounts.

Brandbastion’ s solution for beauty brands

Brand Protection
BrandBastion removes harmful comments from your accounts and ads in real-time 24/7, according to your preferences. LEARN MORE
Customer Service
BrandBastion issues responses to comments in need of attention in real-time 24/7, according to your preferences. LEARN MORE
The Safeguard
BrandBastion sends you an alert by email or SMS if a situation emerges that requires your attention
Engagement Reports
BrandBastion provides detailed insights on what’s being discussed across your campaigns.

Where We Fit


They can focus on creating killer campaigns, whilst we protect ads from malicious comments and drive conversions through responses.


We gather insights and feedback from customers for example showing what are the most talked about products on your social accounts.


We identify and escalate threats emerging on your social accounts to them in real-time 24/7 so they can react quickly to crisis.


We remove the noise and let them focus on creating killer content without having to spend time mining through comments.

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