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Top Beauty Brands Trust BrandBastion

We help beauty brands delight fans, win new customers, and listen to what customers are really saying about your products and collections.

Beauty is the third most engaged industry on Instagram.*
There is enormous opportunity to:

Discover what fans want

Gain unique insight into the feedback your fans are giving across your campaigns. One of our major major beauty brand customers launched a much-anticipated new collection based on requests made by users across Instagram posts.

Drive positive conversations

Beauty brands working using our solution have seen up to 269% increase in positive user sentiment and a significant drop of 74% in animal testing comments. This ensures their ad spend is not being hijacked by comments that leave a negative impression. 

Save cost and scale up

Focus your team's time on creating great content and campaigns, instead of trying to keep up with an endless flow of comments in real-time. Our scalable solution leads to huge savings in human resources and 24/7 coverage without any additional headcount.

Drive sales

Many beauty brands today operate online retail channels in addition to in-store. Our customers have seen up to a 24% increase in website conversions from ad campaigns after implementing our solution.

Results achieved by a top beauty brand using BrandBastion

positive sentiment
Negative Sentiment
Animal Testing Comments


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Trusted by top beauty brands: Pixi Beauty NARS Cosmetics-1

Learn how a global beauty brand harnessed the power of listening to consumer feedback

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BrandBastion works around the clock to:

Protect from harmful content

Spam, scam, unauthorized selling, brand impersonation and other malicious comments can damage brand reputation and customer experience. BrandBastion hides harmful comments in real-time from all your social accounts.

Issue customer responses on your behalf

It is essential to respond promptly to all customer feedback and purchase inquiries as it increases conversions and brand loyalty. While this is challenging to manage in-house, BrandBastion provides this service 24/7, with response time up to 8 minutes, and in accordance with specific brand guidelines.

Deliver tailored insight reports

Discussions across your social media campaigns and accounts offer invaluable insights into brand perception, campaign performance and can result in new product development. BrandBastion provides detailed reports on topics discussed as well as sentiment analysis on specific campaigns.

Moderation + Alerts

AI + human social media moderation with 24/7 coverage in 43 languages

Take back your comment feeds and eliminate spam, hate speech, and competitor promotions while engaging with customers. We take actions on your behalf removing harmful content and send you alerts when there is a post issue, all in real-time, around the clock.

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Tailored insights reports customized according to your brand's needs

Understand your customers and drive results on social through in-depth topical and sentiment-based insights. Our premium AI + human solution trained on vast sets of engagement delivers highly-detailed insights into your social media engagement and specific campaigns.


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Customer Response

Responses issued on your behalf and customer inquiries centralized

Respond faster and never miss a customer inquiry or complaint again. We issue natural, human-sounding responses on your behalf and speed up your workflow by centralizing customer queries that need your attention.

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Ad Optimization

Sentiment-Based Optimization on Ads in Real-Time

Through an integration with Smartly.io, ad campaigns can be automatically optimized based on attitudinal user signals. Budget is shifted from ads generating negative sentiment to ads performing well in terms of sentiment. Ads with high negative reactions are paused before the negativity can escalate.

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