How BetterHelp Prioritized Their Customers’ Well-Being While Increasing Positive Sentiment by +116%*


16K +

Comments Managed Per Month (on average)


116% +

Increase in Positive Sentiment*


31% +

Increase in Response Rate*

*Comparing 3-months data 1 year after implementing BrandBastion compared to 3-months data before BrandBastion. Figures showing increases in positive sentiment are based on BrandBastion’s data designed to capture indicators of such. 


Health organizations need to prioritize user & brand safety on their social media accounts

Social media is a powerful tool for companies in the health sector, but its adoption doesn't come without risk. Online interactions with clientele in the health industry often require special attention, care, and action.

It's therefore critical that companies in the health sector monitor their social accounts to protect their brand and, more importantly, the well-being of their users, customers, and followers.


About The Brand

BetterHelp is an online portal that provides direct-to-consumer access to mental health services. BetterHelp has more than 20,000 therapists and a very engaged social media community.




Managing Sensitive Engagement Without a 24/7 Full Coverage Tool

  • BetterHelp has always prioritized their users’ safety and they needed a tool to monitor sensitive conversations.
  • BetterHelp wanted to create a safe space where healthy discussions can be had and nurtured.
  • They needed help steering comments related to mental health issues, self-harm, and personal struggles to another channel to make sure they were being properly managed.
  • They needed to ensure brand safety, by moderating sensitive or dangerous comments 24/7, at scale.
  • BetterHelp wanted alerts for situations that need special or immediate attention.

BrandBastion Moderation + Alerts and Customer Engagement

  • BrandBastion monitors all comments in real-time 24/7, meaning BetterHelp’s community is protected around the clock.
  • Our AI / NLP technology identifies what the brand considers sensitive comments in need of moderation or a response at lightning speed so that our human quality specialists can take action.
  • BrandBastion processes engagement across all ads, including Facebook Dynamic Ads and Instagram Ads to ensure their community is protected at scale.
  • BrandBastion hides harmful comments and sends alerts to the brand when urgent attention is required.
  • BrandBastion delivers insights regarding audience sentiment so BetterHelp can ensure the audience is feeling positive.

Partnering with BrandBastion has allowed us to successfully foster a community where open and healthy discussions happen daily online. We have 24/7 peace of mind knowing our community and our brand is protected around the clock. Additionally, we have been able to extend the level of trust we have on our platform to our social community.

- James Imrie
Creative and Marketing Manager at BetterHelp


Increase in positive sentiment and conversions with 24/7 community protection on social

During the pandemic, BetterHelp saw an increase in comments related to mental health issues, self-harm, and stories related to personal problems. BetterHelp wanted to make sure they were looking out for the wellbeing of their customers at scale, around the clock. 

Since partnering with BrandBastion, the brand has seen a +116% increase in positive sentiment and has had peace of mind knowing that their clients are treated with the utmost care and are looked out for on social media.

BrandBastion monitors an average of 16k+ comments per month, ensuring brand safety and healthy conversations in the comments section. BetterHelp is now fostering a supportive and positive online environment, in line with the brand’s values.


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