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Top Gaming Brands Trust BrandBastion

We help gaming brands fight IP infringement, hacks + cheats, and hate speech on social media, while boosting ad performance and ROAS, increasing positive brand sentiment, and preventing social media crisis around the clock.

The gaming industry relies heavily on its community and reviews. Effective management of this community on social media is key.

Prevent the spread of hacks + cheats

A recurring problem for all large gaming brands is the ease of hacks and cheats being spread through social media that violate the terms of use, dilute brand equity and reduce revenue. 34% of all harmful comments received on gaming ads are related to cheats. BrandBastion moderates these comments in real-time 24/7 with high accuracy.

Protect players from hate and scams 

Bullying and harassment is a major problem for gaming communities. In addition, players who interact with a gaming brand's ads on social media often encounter scam links in the comments and may fall prey to these schemes. With BrandBastion's solution in place, these comments are eliminated within minutes, protecting your community.

Preventing crisis on ads

Ads have high reach but are hard to monitor constantly. If there's a threat of crisis happening on any of your ads, such as a technical link issue, a typo in the copy, or a high amount of negative sentiment from users, we send instant alerts so action can be taken before it escalates.

Ensuring complete protection 24/7

Many brands do an excellent job with engaging on their organic Pages but find it difficult to manage the comments spread across their ads, especially with dynamic ads or many variations of ads run across different regions for global brands. BrandBastion's AI + human solution pulls in all ad comments and takes action on brands' behalf 24/7.

How brands have improved performance by using BrandBastion's solution:

infringing videos flagged for takedown in 1 year
Return on ad spend

Learn how we help top gaming brands 

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BrandBastion works around the clock to:

Protect from harmful content across paid and organic

Spam, scam, unauthorized selling, brand impersonation and other malicious comments can damage brand reputation and customer experience. BrandBastion hides harmful comments in real-time from all your social accounts.

Issue customer responses on your behalf

It is essential to respond promptly to all customer feedback as it increases conversions and brand loyalty. While this is challenging to manage in-house, BrandBastion provides this service 24/7, with response time up to 8 minutes, and in accordance with specific brand guidelines.

Send timely alerts when there are any issues

If there's an issue with an ad, a high amount of negative sentiment towards a post, and/or a highly urgent request made from a commenter, such as requests related to IP rights, we send you immediate alerts in real-time.

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