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BrandBastion for Gaming Brands

Level up your social engagement game

We tailor community management to your needs with a powerful social media engagement suite  🎮👾


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intelligencecolor BRANDBASTION SAFETY

Shield your gaming brand from harmful comments

We protect your brand reputation and community in real-time by hiding harmful comments and alerting you when your brand is at risk.
intelligencecolor BRANDBASTION CARE

Engage with your online community at scale

Our 24/7 community management services ensure your brand stays connected with your audience, while our smart social media inbox empowers you to streamline in-house engagement efforts.

Understand user preferences and perceptions

Seamlessly integrate sentiment analysis, conversation tags, and diverse insights to inform your strategy. We also help you manage your social media content from the same place: schedule posts, generate captions instantly with AI, and gauge sentiment by post type.

of Gen Z and Millenials spend more time interacting with others on social media than in the physical world.

Source: Deloitte Insights

of gamers worldwide get gaming information from social media.

Source: GWI

of people encounter a scam via social media on a monthly basis, with 34% encountering scams every day.

Source: Lookout survey

This is how we help our clients

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Evan IrwinGrowth Marketing at Netflix
"With BrandBastion in place, we have a finger on the pulse across our social media conversations, and we know our community is protected from harmful engagement. We have peace of mind that Netflix's paid social engagement is being well-managed 24/7 thanks to the BrandBastion team's attention to detail, bias to action, and clear communication."
Peter VesterbackaFormer Chief Marketing Officer and Mighty Eagle of Rovio Entertainment
"We’re very satisfied with BrandBastion’s moderation solution. It keeps our Facebook pages free from spam, inappropriate content, and phishing attacks that may be harmful to our fans. I recommend it for any brand receiving high engagement on social media."
Tyler FooHead of Advertising at Mindvalley

"We recently teamed up with BrandBastion to run an A/B test. [...] So, in one of our campaigns, BrandBastion took charge of handling all the comments, while in the other campaign, we simply let the comment section go unmanaged. And you know what? The campaign where BrandBastion managed the comments showed some serious improvements in our metrics, like higher return on ad spend (ROAS), more purchases, better conversion rates, and a decrease in the cost per result."

James ImrieCreative and Marketing Manager at BetterHelp
"Partnering with BrandBastion has allowed us to successfully foster a community where open and healthy discussions happen daily online. We have 24/7 peace of mind knowing our community and our brand is protected around the clock. Additionally, we have been able to extend the level of trust we have on our platform to our social community."

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