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global e-commerce player drove 49% increase in average purchase value

How a Global E-Commerce Player Drove a 49% Increase in Average Purchase Value

How BrandBastion’s solutions led to an increase in conversions and higher-value purchases

Engagement under Facebook and Instagram posts forms an integral part of the ad creative. Visible comments can heavily impact brand perception (positively or negatively) and performance on both branding and direct response campaigns.

Left unmanaged, comment sections can become breeding grounds for highly negative comments, PR crises, unanswered customer complaints, and more. With BrandBastion's Moderation, Alerts, and Customer Engagement solutions, a global retailer spending $6M in Facebook and Instagram advertising annually, and running thousands of ads concurrently, was able to increase conversions and ROAS.


The Approach

To prove our value, we ran an A/B test for this brand
with the following set up:

  • Two identical ad campaigns were created with the same
    amount of budget (slightly over $4,000 per campaign) and
    target audience.
  • Both had the Moderation product in place to ensure
    harmful comments wouldn’t impact the performance.
  • Campaign A had no responses issued. Campaign B had
    BrandBastion’s Customer Response product with
    predefined responses to customer inquiries issued
Examples of comments that BrandBastion Responded to 24/7:

  • "Where can I get this from?"
  • "How much is this?"
  • "How fast is the shipping?"

The Results

Campaign B, which had all of BrandBastion’s solutions active, significantly outperformed Campaign A with the following results:

  • +24% more conversions
  • +47% more purchases
  • +49% more revenue per purchase: Average basket value increased from $141 to $210
  • +109% increase in return on ad spend
  • -29% decrease in cost per result: Cost per website purchase decreased from $99.16 to $70.38

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