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How A North American Disruptor Expanded Advertising to 130+ Countries with BrandBastion
+130 New countries targeted
ROAS Hitting target ROAS
24/7 Moderation and monitoring

Expanding to new markets globally

A leading Fortune 500 Disruptor was experiencing enormous success in its home market of North America. To scale, the disruptor began expanding to new markets globally. Their growth strategy was focused on reaching as many new users as possible, and they didn’t want to significantly grow headcount and overheads. In terms of advertising creative, they decided to use similar creatives globally to understand what initial results and traction they could receive without localization.
About The Brand

A leading Fortune 500 Disruptor. Although the Disruptor enjoyed strong brand recognition in North America, it was largely unknown in the new target markets. The Disruptor wanted to tune in to how users were responding to their advertising, measure perception, and gather real-time feedback on user reactions across the new markets.

Keep their brand safe on social while expanding globally


  • In addition to having their finger on their pulse of how these new markets were doing, they also wanted to protect their brand and build trust among new audiences. Knowing that audiences can be especially skeptical of and critical towards unfamiliar brands, the Disruptor did not want any comments containing brand attacks or unresolved customer complaints left on their ads to hurt their future success.
  • Achieving all these goals at scale across over a hundred markets was challenging for one centralized team to manage single-handedly. Accessing comments across thousands of ads running concurrently, staying on top of comment volumes 24/7, and summarizing insights about user perception and engagement was no easy feat.
BrandBastion Safety & Intelligence

The Solution

BrandBastion used its proprietary solution powered by a combination of human, machine learning, and AI processing which analyzes incoming comments in real-time 24/7, to provide:
BrandBastion, on behalf of the Disruptor, detected and classified all comments that were considered harmful, and hid such harmful content according to brand guidelines, hiding brand attacks, intellectual property right infringements, profanity and spam.
BrandBastion issued real-time alerts to the relevant teams whenever there was an issue with an ad, such as a high amount of negative comments about the creative or an error made in the ad’s copy or targeting. Alerts were also issued for urgent customer inquiries posted across ads.
BrandBastion provided extensive insights and reporting detailing the volumes and nature of engagement received across markets, including sentiment, threats, and topics discussed.
The ultimate goal was to test and learn how they should approach different markets, before investing more money into scaling up the advertising strategy across markets.
High ROAS and brand safety


With BrandBastion centralizing the management of all their ad engagement comprehensively across 43 languages, the Disruptor was able to achieve:

  • Growth and awareness in over 130 new countries, hitting target ROAS, while keeping advertising-related costs minimal and protecting the brand.
  • Timely adjustment of ad creative that was being perceived poorly in France, due to local current events, as a result of an alert issued by BrandBastion within minutes.

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