IP Bastion

IP Bastion

Detection of intellectual property rights infringements, piracy, and counterfeiting across the Internet.
We submit take-down notices on your behalf.

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Brand protection from intellectual property rights infringement

Trusted by 450+ Accounts Including Top Advertisers

Common challenges for brands

IPR-Infringing content, counterfeit goods, and pirated content across the Internet is hard to detect in real-time. New accounts are being created daily and brand impersonation is very common.

High volumes of user-generated content in multiple languages is hard to manage in a timely manner.

Infringing accounts are clever and innovative in distributing links and comments leading to their sites.

Fighting IPR-infringements, piracy, and counterfeiting

Certain industries, such as luxury goods are more susceptible to IPR-infringements and counterfeiting, with new links to infringing content and fake accounts being posted on a daily basis. We detect and take action against such parties in real-time, 24/7. 


BrandBastion takes action on your behalf

Based on client preference, BrandBastion scans social media platforms for infringing videos, images, profiles and accounts. We collect the needed information for take-down notices to be filed and infringing accounts to be reported. This is done 24/7 by the use of AI, machine learning and trained human analysts.

Impact and results for a large gaming company



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