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Asset 85  BRANDBASTION IP Protection

Brand protection from intellectual property rights infringement

Detection of intellectual property rights infringements, piracy, and counterfeiting on your social media accounts and take-down notices filed on your behalf.

BrandBastion | IP Protection

Common challenges for brands

IPR-Infringing content, counterfeit goods, and pirated content on social media is hard to detect in real-time.

High volumes of user-generated content in multiple languages is hard to manage in a timely manner.

New accounts are being created daily and brand impersonation is very common.
Infringing accounts are clever and innovative in distributing links and comments leading to their sites.

Fighting IPR-infringements, piracy, and counterfeiting

Certain industries, such as gaming, entertainment, and luxury goods are more susceptible to IPR-infringements, piracy, and counterfeiting, with new links to infringing content and fake accounts being posted on a daily basis. We detect and take action against such parties in real-time, 24/7. 

BrandBastion takes action on your behalf

Based on client preference, BrandBastion scans social media platforms for infringing videos, images, profiles and accounts. We collect the needed information for take-down notices to be filed and infringing accounts to be reported. This is done 24/7 by the use of AI, machine learning and trained human analysts.

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Impact and results for a large gaming company


YouTube videos processed


videos reported

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