BrandBastion Safety

BrandBastion processes every comment you receive, hiding harmful comments and alerting you when your brand is at risk.

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We identify and hide harmful comments such as spam, discrimination, or brand attacks.

Immediate Alerts

We send you immediate alerts when someone mentions a threat, post issue, or a typo, for example.

Volume-Based Alerts

We alert you when your brand registers a spike in negative sentiment or mentions to sensitive topics.


Protect Your Brand

Comments influence buying decisions and impact your reputation. Ads and posts free from damaging comments will help improve your brand's ROI.

We detect and remove harmful comments in real-time in 43 languages, keeping your brand safe 24/7.


React Swiftly to Urgent Issues

High negative sentiment, typos, and broken links on ads equate to money down the drain, loss of credibility, and weakened brand trust. Our solutions keep your brand protected by issuing alerts when you need to take action.

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How can it help your brand?

Ensure Brand Safety & Suitability

The comment section is adjacent to your social media ads, having a big impact on brand safety and how your brand is perceived.


Manage User Sentiment

Ensure your content is resonating and avoid social media blowbacks, by keeping a pulse on your brand sentiment.


Protect ROAS and reputation

Comments influence buying decisions. A feed free from damaging comments will help improve your brand's ROI.


Keeping Brands Safe

[brand · bastēən] = Defender, Supporter, Protector of Brands
In medieval castles, the bastion is a strong, well-fortified part of the building, built for defending the castle. We see ourselves as a supporter of brands and an extension of their in-house teams, protecting them from harm on social media while enabling them to amplify their engagement.


Success Stories


BrandBastion has really helped us with the volume of ad comments associated with getting our ad campaigns to scale. BrandBastion communicates clearly and regularly with valuable insights into what our customers are saying and how their comments are being addressed, keeps the spam and hateful comments at bay, and provides quality customer engagement.

Jessica Honbarger
Marketing Analyst at BetterHelp betterhelplogo

I would recommend BrandBastion to any company receiving high engagement on social media. They keep our social properties clean from harmful content 24/7 and alert us in any situations that require our immediate attention. They give us peace of mind around the clock.

Jenny Gyllander
Slush betterhelplogo

BrandBastion solutions keep our social media properties free from spam, inappropriate comments, and phishing attacks that can put our fans in danger. It also helps us cater to our customers’ questions and enable personalized conversations. BrandBastion is helping us build a safe and engaged community on social media.

Amy Munkhbaatar
Community Manager at Worldremit worldremit

BrandBastion helps us manage our paid media at scale, ensures brand safety, and keeps us more plugged into the conversation about our brand.

Jordan Schultz
Manager, Social Media & Brand at HelloFresh hellofresh

Find out your safety risks

BrandBastion’s social media engagement analysis allows you to audit your current ads or organic posts to discover:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Engagement Opportunities
  • Moderation Needs

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