Real-time protection of brand reputation and ad performance on social media 24/7/365



Protect your brand’s reputation by removing harmful content and by escalating content that may lead to social media crisis 24/7.


Optimize your ad performance by hiding harmful content such as spam and competitors’ promotions from your Facebook ads and posts.


Enable your fans to engage safely with your brand without falling victim to phishing attacks, bullying, racism or malware.

“We did a benchmark study and found the alternatives to be several times more expensive while providing only a fraction of the features and quality that BrandBastion does. We’ve been very satisfied with BrandBastion’s moderation services.”

Satu Harkonen,
Head of Customer Support, DealDash

DealDash was the most talked about brand on Facebook in 2013

“I would definitely recommend BrandBastion to any company receiving high engagement on social media. They keep our social media properties clean from harmful content 24/7 and alert us in any situations that require our immediate attention. They give us peace of mind around the clock.”

Jenny Gyllander,

SLUSH is one of the largest conferences in Northern Europe

“We’re very satisfied with BrandBastion’s moderation solution. It keeps our Facebook pages free from spam, inappropriate content and phishing attacks that may be harmful to our fans. I recommend it for any brand receiving high engagement on social media.”

Peter Vesterbacka, ,
Mighty Eagle, Rovio

Creators of Angry Birds, one of the most downloaded games of all time.

We believe in


Every company has its own unique needs and its own brand voice. Our moderation solutions are fully customizable based on brand preference.


Social media moves incredibly fast and things can escalate in a matter of minutes. This is why we remove harmful content within 8 minutes 24/7, guaranteed.


One single comment can lead to a social media crisis or a lost customer. Our trained moderation professionals combined with our proprietary software ensures 99.98% accuracy.


Measuring and analyzing engagement is a key part of a successful social media strategy. This is why we provide our clients with detailed customizable moderation reports.

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