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Improving Return on Ad Spend on Social Media

Advertising is interactive and no longer a one-way communication channel between brands and consumers. Our products drive increased ROAS, conversions, and brand favourability for the world’s top brands by enabling them to have more effective conversations with their audiences.
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Our Products

Moderation + Alerts

AI + human social media moderation with 24/7 coverage in 43 languages

Take back your comment feeds and eliminate spam, hate speech, and competitor promotions while engaging with customers. We take actions on your behalf removing harmful content and send you alerts when there is a post issue, all in real-time, around the clock.

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Tailored insights reports customized according to your brand's needs

Understand your customers and drive results on social through in-depth topical and sentiment-based insights. Our premium AI + human solution trained on vast sets of engagement delivers highly-detailed insights into your social media engagement and specific campaigns. 

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Customer Response

Responses issued on your behalf and customer inquiries centralized

Respond faster and never miss a customer inquiry or complaint again. We issue natural, human-sounding responses on your behalf and speed up your workflow by centralizing customer queries that need your attention.

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Ad Optimization

Sentiment-Based Optimization on Ads in Real-Time

Through an integration with Smartly.io, ad campaigns can be automatically optimized based on attitudinal user signals. Budget is shifted from ads generating negative sentiment to ads performing well in terms of sentiment. Ads with high negative reactions are paused before the negativity can escalate.

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Results Achieved with BrandBastion

positive sentiment

A top beauty brand increased positive user sentiment by removing harmful comments and creating space for valuable fan feedback.

more conversions

A premium online retailer drove more conversions by ensuring that every prospective customer received a great experience when interacting with ads.

negative sentiment

A top brand with an average of 50,000 comments per month decreased negative user sentiment while eliminating spam and false information.

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“I would recommend BrandBastion to any company receiving high engagement on social media. They keep our social media properties clean from harmful content 24/7 and alert us in any situations that require our immediate attention. They give us peace of mind around the clock.”
Jenny Gyllander
“We’re very satisfied with BrandBastion’s moderation solution. It keeps our Facebook pages free from spam, inappropriate content and phishing attacks that may be harmful to our fans. I recommend it for any brand receiving high engagement on social media.”
Peter Vesterbacka
Mighty Eagle, Rovio (company behind Angry Birds)
“For a site as large as TechCrunch, it’s important to have someone looking through comments and listening to what the community is saying. BrandBastion has made a seamless integration into our team, and I highly recommend their services to anyone that might be interested”
Travis Bernard
Director of Audience Development, TechCrunch
“We did a benchmark study and found the alternatives to be several times more expensive while providing only a fraction of the features and quality that BrandBastion does. We’ve been very satisfied with BrandBastion’s moderation services.”
Satu Harkonen
Head of Customer Support, DealDash

BrandBastion: Takes Action

Our mission is to make the world a more action-driven place. We believe engagement is always better than apathy, and meaningful customer interactions online require active management by brands. Be it through removing harmful comments, responding positively towards customer queries, or listening to our client’s feedback to improve our solutions, our action-driven mindset drives everything we do at BrandBastion.
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